• Skilled visa options

    There are several skilled migration visa subclasses providing permanent resident status in Australia. The requirements vary between the visa subclasses, and depending on which pathway is most appropriate for your circumstances, may require you to be nominated by your employer, an Australian state or territory government, may require you to live in regional Australia, or may allow you to enter Australia on your own merit.


    Subclass 189 - Skilled Independent visa (Points-tested) & Subclass 190 - Skilled Nominated visa

    We will cover these visa subclasses together as they are quite similar. Both visas are permanent visas available to applicants who are skilled in a relevant occupation, have obtained a favourable skills assessment and have been invited to apply.

    The key difference between the two is the requirement for a state or territory to nominate you for a subclass 190 visa, whereas a subclass 189 visa will allow you to enter Australia without needing state or territory nomination.

    There are essentially three stages in applying for either visa:

    1. Lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI);
    2. Receive an invitation to apply;
    3. Lodge your visa application.

    The first step in considering whether you may be eligible for either of these visas is to calculate your points score, as you must score at least 65 points to be invited to apply for the visa. Points are awarded based on a number of categories, including age, English language ability, employment experience in Australia and overseas, education qualifications, partner’s skills and whether state or territory government sponsorship has been obtained. Please feel free to contact us if you want to find out what your points score is likely to be. One benefit of the subclass 190 visa is the additional 5 points you will receive after obtaining a nomination by a state or territory government.

    You will also need to apply for a skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority, before being able to lodge your EOI.

    After calculating your points score and receiving a favourable skills assessment, applicants will lodge an EOI to let the Department know you wish to be invited to apply for the visa. The information provided in your EOI is used to rank you, and in turn your invitation, against other potential visa applicants. Your EOI remains active for two years. Throughout the period of your EOI you may be invited to apply, and if you receive an invitation, you must apply for the relevant visa within 60 days.

    Applicants who have been invited to apply but are not sponsored or nominated by an Australian employer or state or territory government will apply for the subclass 189 visa. Whereas applicants who are nominated by a state or territory government to live and work in Australia will apply for the subclass 190 visa.

    There are various age, health and character requirements associated with each visa, please feel to contact us to discuss these requirements further.


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