• At Harbourside Legal Immigration Lawyers, we are not just a team of lawyers. Choose us and you have accessto the best Immigration Lawyers in Sydney.

    When moving to a new country there are many things to research and the decision does not come easily. Immigration Law is a constantly changing and complex area of  the law. That’s why you need an expert immigration lawyer who’s has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. Ensure you have the advice and guidance you require to make intelligent choices for your immigration matters.  We offer fixed price services for most of our services and aim  to have a fast 48 hour turnaround for our clients.

    We can assist with all matters surrounding immigration and visas, including having visa refusals reviewed and assisting with de facto or partner visas. We  have 2 Accredited Specialists in Immigration Law. We take on and often win the cases that most other firms wont take on because they are too difficult. We specialise in Tribunal Appeals, Visa Cancellations, Ministerial Intervention Applications and Federal Court Appeals.

    Our Immigration Law Services Include:

    Visa Applications for all Australian Visas



    • Illegal immigrants
    • Adoption cases including customary adoption
    • Absorbed persons
    • Health waivers
    • Dealing with allegations of immigration fraud
    • Resisting visa cancellations
    • Deportation matters
    • Getting visas reinstated
    • Ministerial intervention requests
    • Identifying jurisdictional error
    • All aspects of the review process
    • All Tribunals including those interstate
    • All courts
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