• Ensure you have the advice and guidance you require to make intelligent choices in your immigration matter. Harbourside Legal retains the services of some of the most talented lawyers, helping you access the support you need for your immigration matter. 

    If your visa or citizenship application has been refused, or your visa cancelled by the Department of Home Affairs  it can be very disheartening. However, there are usually options to have the matter appealed in the following way:

    Our highly trained  immigration lawyers, are ready willing and able to challenge the department and their decision, after all, we are lawyers, that is what we do and we are not afraid to do so. In fact it is what we do best. As we are Lawyers any discussions you may have with us is strictly confidential and is protected by Lawyer client privilege, this confidentiality is something that only Lawyers can provide. 

    We offer fixed price services in most immigration matters and aim to have a fast 48 hour turnaround for our clients. 


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