• Commercial Leases

  • The Harbourside Legal team supports Sydney business of all sizes in their commercial leasing matters. We offer fixed price services often with a fast 48 hour turnaround. Whether you’re in the market to lease an office or are the owner of an industrial location, we want to assist you. We can support you at every step of the process, from negotiating the most favourable terms and conditions for your next lease, meaning you’re never in the dark about the options open to you and your business.

    A Commercial Lease is a specifically tailored , legally binding contract  between the business owner and the landlord . The terms of the Lease are often negotiable with respect to rent, outgoings, term of lease, options to renew, fit-out periods and so on. The lease terms and conditions need to be carefully considered to ensure they suit the unique requirements of your business, once the document is signed and the Lease commences there will not be an opportunity to amend the agreement and any mistakes  could severely affect your  business.

  • Important Considerations

    Below are some basic items  that you should consider and ensure that these are researched and negotiated before entering into a lease.

    • Check that the length of the lease suits you and you business.
    • Make sure you understand and agree to the base rent, annual increases and any outgoings that will be payable.
    • Ensure that you can obtain the required licences and permits to run your business in that particular location.
    • Make sure that you can fit out the premises as per the requirements of your business.
    • Make sure the lease includes all the areas you expect to use including bathrooms, parking areas and common areas.
    • Ensure that you have the right to place signage on or around the premises.
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    Based in the Sydney CBD, Harbourside Legal provides crucial support to businesses and landlords across the metropolitan area. We know that understanding your rights and responsibilities as a party to a lease can be difficult, so we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive answers to your questions, giving you the knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

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